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Medicaid Quality Improvement

AFMC’s team of outreach specialists work with health care providers on quality improvement projects sponsored by Arkansas Medicaid. The Medicaid Quality Improvement (MQI) team works with physician practices, hospitals and other health care providers, while the Inpatient Quality Improvement (IQI) program focuses on the state’s acute care hospitals.

Every Arkansan deserves the best health and health care possible. AFMC’s Medicaid Quality Improvement (MQI) team, in collaboration with Arkansas Medicaid, works to help the state’s health care professionals offer the best quality care. Together, we’re dedicated to building a better, safer health care system for Medicaid beneficiaries and all Arkansans.

Project development

  • Identify trends for improving specific aspects of care
  • Support health care professionals to accomplish project goals
  • Outcomes benefit Medicaid beneficiaries and all Arkansans
  • Serve as models for improving care not only in Arkansas, but also nationally

Working directly with health care professionals

  • Assess the needs of individual provider or practice
  • Offer real-world guidance and assistance onsite

Educational materials

  • Posters for waiting rooms and exam rooms
  • Brochures and handouts for patients and families
  • Forms and templates to assist with evidence-based care delivery
  • Reports and reference materials for physicians
  • Public health messages that reach specific populations

To find out more about AFMC’s Arkansas Medicaid quality improvement initiatives, call 501-212-8770.

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