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Arkansas Medicaid Inpatient Quality Incentive (IQI) Program

The Inpatient Quality Incentive (IQI) program provides millions of dollars in performance bonus payments to hospitals that improve care for clinical priorities of the Arkansas Medicaid program. This program reflects a growing movement toward rewarding hospitals for commitment to quality and providing evidence-based care to their patients. Since the inception of the IQI program in 2007, Arkansas Medicaid has awarded more than $40 million to hospitals that have participated in the program and successfully improved their quality of care.

The IQI program requires hospitals to meet specific goals for a number of quality measures—certain aspects of care proven to improve outcomes for patients. Hospitals also must pass validation to receive payment or recognition. Including a validation component makes IQI a unique Medicaid pay-for-performance program for hospitals.

Arkansas Medicaid, along with the Arkansas Hospital Association and the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care (AFMC), worked together to develop the IQI program, which has earned national attention for its innovative involvement with the health care community.

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Arkansas Medicaid Abstraction & Reporting Tool (AMART)

The Arkansas Medicaid Abstraction & Reporting Tool (AMART) is a powerful application for the collection and analysis of quality improvement data. Through data collection, AMART enables hospitals to comprehensively evaluate and manage quality improvement efforts in the Arkansas Medicaid IQI program.

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